75 days for completion 

As an old saying goes: "Good wine is made in the vineyard," and in our experience this fact remains true. Traditionally, we have worked with local farmers who directly run their own small vineyards and our relationship with them goes back multiple decades. However, in the past 10- 15years the situation of local vineyards has changed. For these reasons we think that it would be beneficial for the company to plant new vineyards and/or buy existing ones and, at the same time, keep sourcing grapes from local farmers in order to maintain the century old relationship with the community. 


15 months for completion 

Additionally, we plan to buy six farmhouses, each with 1- 2 acres of land that will be renovated and conver ted into luxury accommodations for our guests. All the farmhouses are built with stones, and most have the unique feature of a cone- shaped roof ("Trulli"). This kind of construction technique, dating back to the 16th century, is unparalleled in the world to the point that the Trulli in the near town of Alberobello have even been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage. This unique concept will allow our guests to experience the grape growing process in a five-star environment. 


15 months for completion 

The winery we aim to acquire is a landmark of the Puglia region and is available for purchase at a convenient pr ice. The winery will be the focal point of the MIALI exper ience. Tours, tastings, wine bar, and events will make the site amust see tour ist destination as well as the company's central profit center. Additionally, the winery will allow for cost-efficient increases in wine production and storage. Renovations will preserve the integr ity of the site while showcasing modernized winemaking technologies and hospitality offerings. 


€5 Million 

Equity Investment



* In addition to the required equity, other financing mechanisms are in place to ensure execution of our business plan, including capital contributions by the founders, government grants, and traditional debt financing.